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This is our entry for Ludum Dare 34! It's called Iai Strike. Our team is composed of five devs:

- Andrea Ishizawa, the 2D/3D artist

- Caio Contó, the 2D/3D artist

- Renato "Xel" de Paula, the jack of all trades and game designer

- Tiago Higa, the 3D artist

- Victor Lucki, the programmer

We started the development late, so there wasn't enough time (again) to finish the game. We did what we could.

The game is an Endless Runner. To score, you need to defeat the enemies - that means you need to dodge as close as possible to attack the enemy with the Iai Strike technique. With enough defeated enemies, you can use the blunderbuss to defeat enemies from afar.


A/D ou Left/Right move the character.

Press the 2-buttons simultaneously to use the Special Attack (you need to defeat 5 enemies first).

The main character name is Jouji Washingpole. He needs to protect the Shogun Castle from the attack of the Thief Clan. Jouji Washingpole is a pun on the name George Washington - the japanese pronounce "George" like "Jouji" and there's a legendary katana/nodai called Washingpole.

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