After a long fight, Sternum finally defeated DeadAlive and his zombie army. Before DeadAlive died, it parted with mysterious words:


Sternum spent years thinking about what he heard; what lessons he could learn. But one day, an army of faries from another dimension attacked the Deceased Plains!

"You can't fight us, Sternum! We belong to a superior dimension!"

Now it's up to Sternum to defend his dimension!



WASD or Arrow Keys move Sternum
Left Click or X key for Sword Attack and confirm.
Right Click or C for shield bash.
Space bar or Z for jumping.

Green fairy: 1 point
Blue fairy: 3 points
Red fairy: 5 points

Use the shield bash for the powerful Domino Effect attack! Hit as many faries as you can and watch your score soar!

Install instructions

Download the files and open ArcBoss.exe to play.


ArcBoss.rar 29 MB

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