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Had one week to make a game with the theme "Final Boss" for Mini LudumDare. I couldn't find a team to help me out this time, so I made this game alone. I did the programming using tutorials and I had some previous experience with pixel art. I ran out of time, so the Level Design is very bad.

The Skeleton Main Character is called Sternum. The vomiting zombie is called Prazol and the walking zombie name is Rilho.

The final boss is DeadAlive, some sort of alien-human-zombie mutagenic creator blablabla. All that matters is that Skeletons are the definitive undead! Death to the zombies!


Z - Jump

X - Attack

Up/W - Defend against projectiles

Arrow Keys/WASD - Move

Credits for the music:

AntiSkill for the Level 1 Stage music (Skeleton Dance)


Funkman-SC for the Start Menu music (Dark Mind)


Published Sep 28, 2015

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